update: 09/10/2015

the heat of summer dog days is still with us
so shannon and i invested in a cooling fan
to maintain a calm, cool breeze in our LA workshop!

"We very much appreciate each and every order, from longtime customers to  first time buyers. Every item is handmade inhouse, and we value quality as much as we do your order. Therefore, we'll ship as soon as every batch is completed, and once ready to be packed, you will receive an email from Stamps.com with the tracking info."

September Production Schedule ( estimated)

September 9 - 16
Steel Guitar Pickups!

September 16 - 25
L-500, L-90 and Custom Series Pickups

September 25 - 30
To be published... soon!

Thank you for your patience and support.

Sincerely, Becky & Shannon

the move into los angeles is complete as of 04/20/2015 
and our new location is:

840 s. santee street #301 los angeles, california 90014
tel: 951-371-1494 / tollfree: 877-647-2651

Satin Finish Coils L-500 Series

Bill Lawrence L-500 Black Satin Finish


more updates and visit times to be published.

we're still working on the backorder at this time -- talkbass

moving our 22 years with Bill Lawrence was a difficult task but now so very excited for the new digs!

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