Bill Lawrence Noisefree AirGap Singles created a sensation on the market beginning in 1996 with his L-280 Series.  No hum, no stratitus and a sweet sparkle are some of their many features to support a range of versatility and control for the player. Today the Bill Lawrence Guitar Design Co offers a wide selection of Noisefree Singles just for you and your guitar!


#1. The L-280S pickups are probably the most versatile and functions well in most guitars and with most amps. Using different height adjustments and an assortment of amp settings, the L280S can reproduce a wide range of sounds, especially if the player uses a variety of right hand techniques. It's often described as a soft P-90! And with the L-290SL in the bridge position, it is our most popular replacement set!

#2. The L-200S is different. While the L-280S reproduces a very linear harmonic spectrum, the L-200S, with some dips in the lower midrange and some nice peaks in the upper midrange, gives you a more "Stratty" sound without losing that certain sweetness. It you like the 50's sound, the L-200S is for you!

#3. The L-298S is "The Working Horse of our Noisefree
Singles". It performs at its best in the lead position where you need rich lows, combined with a good amount of bite, without getting muddy or harsh. The L298S, in combination with our Q-filter, can give you the widest variety of sounds, ranging from Ultra-Sweet to High Power Performance!

Reggie Young is using the L-280SN/M & L-290SL pickups in his 57 Strat over 10 years!
Thank you Reggie.

Cover Colors -- White, Parchment, Cream or Black

Bill Lawrence Noisefree Singles for Strat Replacement

Bill Lawrence Noisefree Singles for Telecaster Replacement

L-280TN/L-200TN Open coil

L-202TN w/ a chrome-plated plastic cover

L-202TN Ivory Cover 
(black cover option not shown)

L-200TL / L-290TL / L290TL-E / L-298TL 

10.03.2018 -- Chrome-Plated TN Covers in Stock
Bill Lawrence Noisefree Singles for Tele Neck

Bill Lawrence Noisefree Singles for Tele Lead

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