Wilde Bill's MicroCoils

Alnico Microcoils
Strat and Tele MC Alnico Sets
***Chrome Cover Out of Stock***
as of 6.26.18
Our estimated wait time for the part to be completed is two months. Will update time frame as we receive updates. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

Microscopic Precision Volume Equalization
by Pickup and PolePiece Height Setup
Microcoil Strat Set of 3 with adj pole-pieces 

Photo by Craig Richardson - 2011

Hello Becky, I received and installed the microcoils the other day and they are without a doubt the finest tele pickups I have ever heard. I love them so much I just put an order in for another tele set and also a strat set. Please thank Bill for this wonderful contribution to the art of tone. All the best and Happy Holidays, Randy

Microcoil T set of Two N/L w/ adjustable pole pieces
TN Black Only

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