Wilde Bill's MicroCoils

Alnico Microcoils 10.03.2018 -- Chrome-Plated TN Covers in Stock
Strat and Tele MC Alnico Sets

Microscopic Precision Volume Equalization
by Pickup and PolePiece Height Setup
Microcoil Strat Set of 3 with adj pole-pieces 

Photo by Craig Richardson - 2011

Hello Becky, I received and installed the microcoils the other day and they are without a doubt the finest tele pickups I have ever heard. I love them so much I just put an order in for another tele set and also a strat set. Please thank Bill for this wonderful contribution to the art of tone. All the best and Happy Holidays, Randy

Microcoil T set of Two N/L w/ adjustable pole pieces
TN Black Only

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