Taken from Guitar Player Magazine, January 1975, from the Grant Green article: Grant says his D'Aquisto plays easier and sounds better than any guitar he has ever had. He says the neck shape and size is just right for him, allowing smooth playing; he describes the tone as funky and pretty at the same time.Aside from mother-of-pearl initials inlaid in the fingerboard, the only other modification specifically for Grant is a specially-made pickup that was installed for him in place of the DeArmond pickup which came with the guitar. Bill Lawrence--at one time a design engineer with Gibson-- offered to make a special low-impedance pickup for Grant, just as he had done for Wes Montgomery. Grant accepted the offer and says his special pickup sounds better than the DeArmond, but adds that only Lawrence could explain why.              This picture of Roy Buchanan was taken at Bill's house in Nashville on September 26, 1983. Bill had just given Roy Bill's personal guitar. That is why Roy 
looks so happy! The following quote is found in Guitar Player  Magazine Roy Buchanan Article/
1985: What kind of replacement pickups do you use for the tele?  Bill Lawrence pickups, definitely. I have them in both rhythm and treble positions. I've been preaching them to everybody. You can't buy better pickups, and they're really low-priced. By the way, two years ago it was Bill Lawrence who took me aside and talked to me like a brother. He told me that drugs and drinking were hurting my talents. That changed my life -- nobody had ever talked to me like that before. Now I'm playing better than ever, I feel better, and I'm learning more -- thanks to Bill. 

Hi Becky, Bill, and Shannon,

I just wanted to drop a line and say WOW-EE ZOW-EE !! I just put my L609 and L610 in my home made Lespaul style guitar intented for a Fender style parts tele that i am still building. What was a curious experiment turned out to make the best "old school" sounding guitar I have ever owned! Impressed is an understatment. I can only imagine that the humbucker equipped parts Tele is going to sound just as killer yet different with the 2 L90's I ordered.
So far I would be hardpressed to buy any kind of pickups from anyone else considering how much improved sound, value, and friendly homestyle service you folks deliver.
Sincerely and God Bless
Paul V.



Bill and Becky,

 I just ordered another L-45 today because I was so impressed with the first one I installed in the neck position in my guitar. It is the fourth neck pickup I have tried in this guitar, and all the others (duncan, Dimarzio, etc....) have not performed up to my expectations. The L-45 is just what I was looking for and the price is more than fair. I was also pleasantly surprised at the fast and efficient shipping.
Thanks again.
Jim S.

Becky and Bill,

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished installing the L202TN on my Telecaster B-Bender (to add to the previously installed L280s in the middle and bridge positions) and the L-90s on my Telecaster American Deluxe.

The L202TN was just ideal for the Telecaster. It balances very well with the other two pickups, which was not the case with the Seymour Duncan stacked pickup I had there previously. The L202TN is clear as a bell. The 2 (neck and middle) and 3 (neck and bridge) positions are even better than before. While some Telecaster neck pickups are more muted, I like that the L202TN gives a brighter sound.

The L-90s, which Becky recommended, work great on the American Deluxe. I got the 4H/6H set. This guitar has a Fender S-1 switch, which I had discussed several times with Becky. With support from the Wilde Gate forum, I came up with series/parallel wiring using the S-1 swtich. After several hours to install the pickups and rewire the controls, I restrung the guitar and set up the pickups using the nickel method. They did exactly what I wanted. The parallel wiring gives reasonable single coil sounds without any hum. With a little extra treble on the amplifier, I can get those chicken pickin' country sounds. With less treble, I can get nice rhythm tones in this mode. In the series mode with an overdrive pedal, I can get fat distortion tones that ring out.

Thanks again for the assistance and recommendations. I am a happy Bill Lawrence customer (I've put your pickups in four of my guitars, totaling 11 pickups). Feel free to use my comments in the testimonials. I will post a more detailed review on the Wilde Gate forum.

Your friend,

Dave D.

Newcastle, CA

Just got the keystones installed (KT- set)... WOW! They opened up the guitar so much. I can now easily hear what's right, and what's wrong with this guitar. I definitely need to switch out the bridge, and saddles, and get a better trem unit. I can easily tell what affect those components are having on the sound because the pickups let everything through. They are so special. I really really love the middle pickup, and the positions that use it. The middle and bridge combo is always one of my favorite strat sounds, and it quacks like it oughta... however, it's going to have that special quality once I get the bridge figured out. I like to call that quality eggshells... I'm not sure how to describe it, but that's what it sounds like to me.

I now have just under $200 invested in this guitar, and it's fabulous, one of my all-time favorites for sure. Thank you so much for helping get this thing. It;s DEFINITELY improving my musical abilities!



Becky,  I just installed my L-200 pickups that I ordered from you in my American Fender Stratocaster. I asked you for your option and you felt the L-200 would be the way for me to go. And I just wanted to write you a note to let you know you where right on.  I love the sound of these pickups, I can find a sound I like now it all of the (5) positions instead of just the neck pickup. My wife made the comment to me that the guitar sounded much clearer, and cleaner sounding than ever before.  Thank you for your help.  And thank Bill for making great pickups.



I received the 2 pickups on monday, but I was so eager to try them that I forgot to give some news : everything works well, and I'm VERY satisfied... they sound great !

That was pretty fast, and I must congratulate you for the quality of the service !

Thanks a lot, and keep rocking ! Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Bill Lawrence & Becky Lawrence !


mathieu DUONG

J'ai reçu mes 2 micros lundi, mais j'étais tellement impatient de les essayer que j'ai oublié de donner de mes nouvelles : tout est parfait, et je suis TRES satisfait... ils sonnent merveilleusement !
L'envoi a été très rapide, et je dois vous féliciter pour la qualité du service !
Merci beaucoup, et continuez comme ça ! Merci Bill Lawrence & Becky Lawrence !
mathieu DUONG

Thank you Mathieu for sharing your testimonial in both French and English!
Please also read the French article about Bill
"L'empereur de


Dear Bill and Becky, I recently bought and installed a set of 280's
for a MIM Strat as I was not pleased with the stock pickups at all
I just want to tell you that this $300 plack of wood sounds like a
guitar worth four time the price! I'm totally amazed at the tones
I can coax out of this guitar. You guys are the best. Rock On!!!!!!!


Hi Becky, Re: our chat earlier today. I just put the paypal payment
through for the L90s for my daughter, Lena, who will be leaving
for Canada in early May. As a going away present, I was going to
put a pair of L600s in her guitar last night, but when she heard
the old L90XL in one of my guitars, she said that the L90 had
the sound that she loves. So I said, I'd ring you to see if it was
possible to get a pair of L90s quickly so that I can install them
before she leaves. Thank you, Becky, for accommodating our tight
schedule! I had already told her that the L90s were legendary
and had not been made since the 70s and that many guitarists
from that era had recorded using them. None of that seemed to
impress her. But when she heard them last night, she was
amazed ( -: I mentioned that they should be cream colored, but
I forgot to confirm with you that they would be splittable. She
already has series/parallel wiring in her guitar and splittable
L90s would be perfect replacements.

Your description of the L90s as a cross between a P90 and a
humbucker makes a lot of sense to me. I had described it to
friends as a P90-ish sounding humbucker. I only own the one
old L90XL that I recently bought 2nd hand (it's a bit dirty and
rusty - even after a good cleaning), but it is hands down my
favorite bridge pickup. Somehow Bill has designed a pickup
capable of warmth and clarity, with a lot of headroom, capable
of great snarl and creamy distortion, very sensitive to pinch
harmonics, sounds beautiful clean and with any amount of gain,
too. It's simply perfect!

For years I have been considering trying some BL pickups in my
Newburgh Steinberger GM5 (S/H). The stock EMGs sound
immaculate in it, and I really love their clarity, but they are a bit
too hot for my taste. So, finally, I have decided to replace them
with BLs, and I'm considering an L500 4.8H (which I have) for the
bridge and an L45 for the neck (slanted). I think that this
combination of pickups will remain faithful to the concept of
Steinberger tone, which is full range clarity and power, but with
a bit less heat than the EMGs. Does my selection make sense to
you, Becky? If so, can you tell me when those new L45s will be
available? Unless, you think the L45 would not suit this guitar
and concept, I would buy one as soon as they become available!!!
As usual, it was a pleasure to chat with you today, Becky.
Thanks to you and Bill for making me sound excellent, even if
my playing isn't quite in that category yet ( -;
All the best, Marc


Thanks! BTW your word of mouth advertising does work. I
approached an electronics technician I work with about installing
some new Fender pickups, and he heartily recommended you guys


Hi Bill & Becky, After explaining to Becky the sort of tones I was
after she recommended the L-280TN and L-290TL for my G&L
ASAT. I want to tell you guys, these are great pickups. The
L-290TL has all the twang and definition you could ask for, yet
the low end is solid and it's not at all harsh on top. Works great
with OD pedals too. The L-280TN sounds somewhat Strat-like to
me, a little scooped with plenty of chime and jangle. Nice low
end, never muddy. What a versatile guitar I have now. And it's
noiseless. Amazing. Thanks to you, Becky, for your
recommendations and professional service, and kudos to you,
Bill, for designing and building some very fine pickups right here
in the U.S.A. for a very reasonable price. Sincerely, Dave


Hi, I just finished installing the pickup that you sent me and I am
very much pleased with the way that it sounds. I've never played
any guitar in my life that had a neck pickup that sounds as good
as the one that I just put in my guitar, ever! Now that I have the
complete set (bridge and neck L500XL), it has the fullest sound
I've ever heard. Absolutely incredible. The pickups sound great
both clean or with gain. If I ever need any pickups for another
guitar, I won't hesitate to order more from you. Thanks for taking
the time to built these wonderful sounding pieces of equipment.
Sincerely, Matt


Becky, I received the pickups on Tuesday and they are fantastic.
I installed them last night. The L-200 are absolutely dead quiet
unbelievable. The L-90 sounds fantastic, nice crunch, distorts well. I cannot comprehend how you guys do it. The price I paid for 3 pickups is close to some on the larger manufacturers one pickup price. Once again thank you very much.


Becky, FYI, I went back to the original Esquire wiring with the
290 TLE and I can't keep my hands off of this guitar! The
noiseless pickup is wild! I can turn my rig all the way up, and not
hear any noise at all until I stroke the strings (not that I do that).
The pickup is beautiful! It is so clear and pretty when played clean
and it feeds a dirty sound from my amp just as well. Again,
words can't express how happy I am with this pickup as well as
the Keystones for Telecasters. Steve


Dear Becky I hope you are well. I just wanted you to confirm my
order for 3 L-280S pick ups. I left my order via website & paid via
Paypal $168.50 including shipping cost to Japan. Please confirm
my order. PS: I just received L290TL-E, 280TN & 290TL. Thank
you so much! It sounds amazing. Clear & Fat & Warm. Thank
you for outstanding pick ups! So Now, I wanted to have
replacement pick ups for my stratcaster! Many Thanks Best, H.K.


Dear Bill and Becky-- Thanks for advising me to go with 280s in
the neck and middle and a 290 in the bridge for my 2007 USA
Hwy 1 Stratocaster.

As we discussed, I play mostly blues and blues-rock, and I was
looking for something that maintained classic Strat "cluck/quack"
and single-coil clarity, while having enough power to push a gritty
tone. I was using an older Seymour Duncan JB mini-humbucker
strat pickup in the bridge, and the stock single coils in the neck
and middle. I am extremely pleased with the tone of these
pickups-- I just dropped them straight in and they sound terrific!
The single-coil hum is gone, which was a real problem in our
practice studio, where there are lots of flourescent lights and
crummy power going into my vintage tube amp, making hum
problems much worse.

And the tone is really, really awesome. The 290 has just as much
rock and roll bite-- for things like Allman Brothers and ZZ Top--
as the Duncan did, but with a much nicer tone-more depth and
color. The Duncan by comparison sounds really flat-- as an
analogy, think of the difference in richness of tone between AM
and FM radio. All of the pickups have enough power to push
m Keeley O/D pedal and vintage tube amp, and they are really
responsive to the volume knob. I just set up my amp and pedal,
and then control everything from the volume knob and pickup
switch-- going from quiet and clean to hot Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Clapton, Hendrix, and Allman Bros, just by diming the volume
knob and selecting various pickup combinations.

The pickups are all balanced, too-- it's not like the 290 is
dramatically different from the 280s. I was worried that I might
be erring on the side of too clean and quiet with these pickups,
but they are just right-- I get all the tones I want, from clean
and quiet to classic rock/blues lead tones.

The pickups are not too "ice-picky", and they respond very well to
tone knob adjustments, still maintaining a rich character. I find
that I often have the tone on the bridge pickup at about 8 or 7
instead of dimed. The pickups also look extremely well-produced--
very clean housings, neat wires, perfect color-- very high quality
control. They fit exactly into the stock Strat pickguard-- no filing
needed, but also no slop at all. Of course, I am sure that
pickguards are not built to such exacting tolerances,
so I was probably just lucky. But these pickups really look and
feel like they were constructed very carefully and precisely, with
noticeable cosmetic improvements from the 280s that I bought
from you maybe 4 years ago for a Fender Mustang that I have
since sold. I was giving up on this guitar, relying more on my Tele
(Barden-equipped) and stock Gibson Les Paul for gigs-- but now
that I have these pickups in I am loving this Strat!!

Last, the one nickel/two nickel pickup height adjustment was a
good place to start, but I found that the best tone for me was
obtained by raising all pickups just a little bit closer to the strings,
and by having the pickups all just a little further away from the
4,5,6, strings and a touch closer to the 1,2,3 strings-- for better
amplitude balance and response across the strings. Of course,
that's all a matter of personal taste and would also vary with
string gauges, etc. I would recommend that everyone start by
using your one-nickel/two-nickel rule of thumb, and then fine
adjust the height from there using their ears as a guide. That's
how I did it. And of course, your pricing is extremely fair! Thanks
a million, Bill and Becky!


I just wanted to tell you again how happy i am with the L-200TN
and L-290 bridge pickups. The L-200 is the first and only
telecaster neck pickup I have tried that i can play alone w/out it
sounding muddy. Which isn't saying too much because i had only
tried fender low ends. But, really, I rave about it, everyone I let
try it compliments you guys. now, if only they would pot their
money where their mouths are. The first words out of one of my
riends mouth was how straty it sounds; now he's always asking
me to bring it over. Oh, and by the way, I figured out the reason
I had to take my compressor out of the chain for the L-200 to not
distort turned out to be a not the greatest soldering job on the
volume ground and very dirty Pots on the amp. Needless to say,
I'm looking for another guitar to upgrade to your pickups.
Hummm, I have an old Yamaha P bass. You'll be hearing
from me, I'm sure. You guys are such a class act...
Best Wishes, George


Becky, installation went smooth and the guitar is up and running.
( L-200T set) They sound gorgeous! Thanks for the excellent
product and service. My wife was laughing when she heard me
request an autographed picture of you rather than Bill.
Happy Birthday to Bill! Regards, Cliff


Hello Bill & Becky, I just had an L-500 & an L-500XL installed in
my Epiphone Shreaton and they sound incredible. An amazing
improvement in tone. It's like getting a new & better guitar.
Thanks for your knowledge. Keep up the good work Danny


Bill, & Becky, Hello, just wanted to let you know that I believe
I have finally found the right pickups for my Les Paul Studio that
I use for slide. The L 90's are sounding pretty darn good it that
guitar. However I may want to brighten the neck pickup just a
little bit. The guitar currently has 250K pots in all positions.
What pot value is Bill recommending for the L 90's? Also what
pot value is recommended for the new L 45S pickups?
Thanks Joe




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