Dear Friends,

All my pickups fulfill the five most important things any player is looking for:
#1. Output
#2. Dynamics
#3. Transparency
#4. Versatility
#5. Balanced tonal response.

Each coil is carefully wound to precise specifications which insures that the coils are free from any internal shorts to guarantee a consistent sound quality AND all pickups are treated with high temperature resistant wax to reduce micro phonic squealing. 

Finally, each pickup has to pass our quality control check. 

We measure the DC and the total resistance, the inductance and the Q Factor; but most importantly, I have developed a system that detects minor shorts or semi-shorts in a coil.  These shorts will cause eddy currents to flow in the coil.  Eddy currents interfere with the signal, alter the sound reproduction and cause severe losses.  All coils must be free of internal eddy current interferences to pass our final inspection.

Our extremely low prices may surprise you, but there is a simple explanation. First of all, Becky and I are a small family based company, and we operate on a very low budget. We barely spend any money on advertising, and we don't have any paid endorsers. Also, since my days when I mass produced pickups, I still own an enormous amount of high quality tooling and equipment which makes us independent from expensive, outside suppliers. We offer a small & well-selected collection of my favorite& original models.

My philosophy is:
if the product is right, the price is right and you treat your customers the way you want to be treated, the word-of-mouth is faster than the speed of sound!

Our product is our advertisement.



Contact Us:

-For domestic orders, we mainly ship with Priority Mail. Shipping and Handling begins at $8.75.

-International Orders ship with International Priority Mail. Prices begin at $21.50 with an online package scan recorded in the USA. For door to door online records, please request International Express Mail service beginning at $40.50.


Our payment options are:

#1. Immediate Prepayment with Paypal or mail us a check or money order. Paypal also has an option to bypass signing into a Paypal account and just using a verified credit card for a secure checkout and purchase.
#2. For international orders, prepayment with either an international money order in USD or Paypal.
#3.Credit Card purchases are also available over the phone.

Shipping for most orders is 1-4 weeks. Around a 2-3 week turn around time is average.  Contact us for an estimated shipping update.


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